Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management

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Service Area

Energy Efficiency

Project Title

Development of National EE&C Policy




Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Project Funding Agency

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Project Duration

Start Date

 Jan 2014

Scheduled Completion

 Jun 2014

Project Description and Summary of Services






The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing assistance to the Government of Myanmar (GoM) for capacity development for Institutional Strengthening of the National Energy Management Committee (NEMC) in Energy Policy and Planning. The focus is to increase the ability of NEMC to prepare policies and strategies in the energy sector and assist in the formulation of a long-term energy master plan.

There are several activities under this Technical Assistance (TA) resulting in the development the Energy Master Plan (EMP). The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C) Policy component would include all energy end-uses – electricity, oil, gas, coal and biomass.

IIEC is tasked to provide technical assistance to prepare a national EE&C Policy for Myanmar which would include all energy end-uses – electricity, oil, gas, coal and biomass. The policy will include targets, implementation strategy, road map, necessary investment and institutional arrangements.

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