Training & Capacity Building

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IIEC’s Experience in Training & Capacity Building

At a Glance:

IIEC enables sharing of knowledge and best practices across countries, and facilitates the mainstreaming of successful energy policies and projects. We accomplish this through our focus on local needs and delivery of training and capacity building programs customized to suit local contexts. The core objective of our training and capacity building programs is to ensure that stakeholders can implement energy related policies and activities in a sustainable manner.

Our Experience:

IIEC’s training and capacity building programs are developed through a comprehensive process. In each program, we assess specific needs and address them by using customized training tools, materials, and training approaches. Quantitative and qualitative market surveys and in-depth analyses are the core elements in our capacity building needs assessment exercises, which help IIEC define the capacity building requirements of the recipients. International experience and lessons learned are seamlessly integrated into our customized training tools and materials.

The Challenge:

Lack of knowledge and appropriate skills to identify and address the needs in clean energy development is common among policy makers, regulators, financiers, and private sectors in developing countries and economies in transition. These barriers have hampered greater adoption of clean energy policies and projects by policy makers and stakeholders. Often, even successful Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) projects cannot be replicated due to a lack of market-supporting conditions, such as limited knowledge within financial institutions about financing such projects. The limited capacity of local technology suppliers and installers is another barrier to development and scaling up of clean energy projects.

IIEC’s experience in this key activity, categorized by country is listed below:

Project Title
Capacity Building for Energy Standards and Labels
Lebanon TOP LINK
Project Title
Investment Grade Energy Audit and Project Development Contract - Lebanon
Maldives TOP LINK
Project Title
Renewable Energy Technology Development and Applications Project (RETDAP) - Maldives
Philippines TOP LINK
Project Title
PELMATP Design and Implementation of EEL Micro Financing Scheme: Business Finance Capacity Building - Philippines
Business Financing Capacity Building for the Philippine Efficient Lighting and Market Transformation Project
Project Title
Capacity-Building Programme – Poland
Regional & Global TOP LINK
Project Title
Joint Implementation Project Development and Capacity Building
Romania TOP LINK
Project Title
Project Activities in Romania
South Africa TOP LINK
Project Title
Development Marketplace (Global Capacity Building Facility Project)
Ukraine TOP LINK
Project Title
Capacity Building – Ukraine
Project Title
Promotion of Energy Conservation in Small and Medium Enterprises (PECSME) - Viet Nam
Commercial Energy Efficiency Pilot Project – Vietnam (Training & Capacity Building)