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IIEC has been selected by the World Bank to provide training to the private sector in promoting energy efficiency investment in Vietnam. This training effort is part pf a four-year Commercial EE Pilot Program executed by the Ministry of Industry in Vietnam, aimed at testing business models for EE project implementation. The capacity-building program undertaken by IIEC will include energy service providers (Project Agents); site owners interested in EE projects (Project Proponents); and financial institutions (Financial Service Providers).

The training program for the Project Agents includes all aspects of the project development cycle - energy auditing, economic & financial analysis, contracts, monitoring & verification, project management and marketing. Financial Service Providers will undergo training in appraisal of EE Investment proposals. The training will be conducted in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City over a three-year period.

The training program commenced in January 2005 with orientation programs for the stakeholders. This was followed by training in energy auditing and economic & financial analysis in April and May 2005. As a part of the training, IIEC will be developing two projects (a textile factory and a hotel) that will serve as case studies for the program. The IIEC project team includes two partners from Sri Lanka - EnergySolve Ltd and LTL Energy Ltd who have practical experience in EE project implementation.

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