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The Government of Mauritius (GoM) has developed and published the Outline of Energy Policy that defines a coherent energy strategy for the development of the energy sector in Mauritius.  Key elements in achieving these objectives include the implementation of measures to promote energy efficiency at all levels, including standards for electrical appliances and energy management in buildings.


Consistent with the Energy Policy of the GoM, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the Global Environment Facility (GEF), initiated the UNDP-GEF project titled “Removal of Barriers to Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation in Buildings.” This project focuses on reducing GHG emissions sustainably through a re-engineering of the building energy efficiency market for existing and new buildings.  An important part of this UNDP-GEF project is a cooperative effort with the Ministry of Renewable Energy and Public Utilities to establish energy standards and labeling for domestic appliances in Mauritius.  According to this, IIEC together with SRC Global have been engaged by UNDP Mauritius to develop Energy Efficiency Bill and recommendations relating to the minimum standards for household electrical appliances and equipment and for the labeling of such appliances and equipment according to their energy efficiency levels.



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