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The IIEC Philippines Office completed a study that will help promote investments in sustainable production in the steel and chemical fertilizer industries in Vietnam. The study, carried out under the project titled “Strengthening Capacity on Climate Change Initiatives in the Industry and Trade Sectors” (CCIT), assessed market opportunities in Vietnam from the perspective of financial institutions and service providers.

CCIT is being implemented by the Government of Vietnam through the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) with funding from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It aims to remove barriers to the adoption of resource efficient processes and trade practices in Vietnam’s industrial sector in order to reduce GHG emissions, increase resilience to climate change, improve productivity, and/or increase industry competiveness in both the national and international markets.

For the market opportunity study, IIEC reviewed sustainable industrial production initiatives in the steel and chemical fertilizer sectors; identified market opportunities for industrial efficiency from the perspective of financial institutions and service providers; assessed policy and capacity building needs; and developed financing solutions and identified pilot projects for the steel industry sector and chemical fertilizer sector.

  Consultation meetings with financial institutions and energy service companies

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