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ADB releases "Knowledge and Power: Lessons from ADB Energy Projects" - This publication comprises of an overview of the energy sector and 15 case stories from different subregions and subsectors in Asia, focusing on ADB-wide project-level knowledge to promote cross-departmental and cross-DMC learning. Case study samples of promoting energy efficiency e.g. The Philippine Energy Efficiency Project (PEEP): Lighting Up the Philippines in an Efficient Way, and other cases in China and Indonesia.



Report Cover of Knowledge and Power: Lessons from ADB Energy Projects1 ENERGY IN ASIA: AN OVERVIEW 1


  • Coal Mine Methane Development Project: The First Large-Scale Capture and Use of Coal Mine Methane for Power Generation in Asia 18
  • Tianjin Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plant Project: New Power Generation Technology for Near-Zero Emissions 26
  • Green Power Development Project: Bringing Benefits to Bhutan and Beyond 32
  • The People’s Republic of China’s Municipal Waste-to-Energy Project: A Model Approach to Financing a State-of-the-Art Technology 40
  • Rajasthan Concentrating Solar Power: A Multi-stakeholder Partnership That Maximizes Solar Power to Fuel India’s Economy 48
  • The Pay-as-You-Go Off-Grid Project in India: Addressing Energy Poverty One House at a Time 54
  • Samarkand Solar Power Plant Project: Central Asia’s First Solar Power Plant 60
  • Sarulla Geothermal Project: Tapping Indonesia’s Geothermal Resources 68
  • Yap Renewable Energy Development Project: Breaking the Reliance on Fossil Fuels 76


  • Bangladesh–India Electrical Grid Interconnection Project: South Asia’s First Interconnection of Two National Grids 84
  • West Kalimantan Power Grid Strengthening Project: Reducing Indonesia’s Oil Dependency While Fostering Regional Cooperation 92


  • Energy Efficiency Multi-Project Financing in the People’s Republic of China: Reducing Energy Consumption in a Rapidly Growing Economy 102
  • Guangdong Energy Efficiency and Environment Improvement Investment Program, Tranche 1: Providing Additional Power Capacity through Energy Savings 108
  • The Philippine Energy Efficiency Project: Lighting Up the Philippines in an Efficient Way 114
  • Support to Indonesia Eximbank: Building Capacity for Energy Efficiency 120

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