Demand-Side Management Implementation Project - Pacific Islands (2003 - 2005)

The objective of this project is to re-establish and continue the development of a DSM Program for the electric utilities. The existing DSM Programs in the region have become a low priority and are implemented on a less coordinated manner since the completion of the UNDP Power Sector Project in 1996. With the recent adoption of Integrated Resource Planning, the need arises among electric utilities to evaluate an achievable DSM potential in order to come up with plausible least-cost supply scenarios in the future.

To meet this objective, the project evaluates the current status of DSM activities in the region and uses this as inputs to design an appropriate DSM program and implementation methodology for the electric utilities. This project includes a demonstration component which showcases the process of identifying, designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating 2 to 3 DSM projects.

Service Provided: 1) Assessment of DSM Potential; 2) Energy Auditing Training; 3) Program Design; 4) Program Implementation; and 5) Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Funding Agency/Client: United Nations Development Programme / South Pacific Applied Geoscience Cmmission (SOPAC), Fiji

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