Board of Directors

IIEC’s Board of Directors is comprised of nine members, who are dedicated to providing strategic guidance to the organization as it advances its goal to promote sustainable and efficient energy use in developing nations and economies in transition.  The current membership includes:



Mr. John R. Mollet
, is an advisor on sustainable energy strategies and partnerships, focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and universal access to electricity. Besides being Chair of the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC), Mr. Mollet also serves on the Board of CLASP and on the steering committees of other energy efficiency organizations.

From 1998 through 2012, Mr. Mollet was Vice President at the International Copper Association. In this role, he was responsible for partnerships with governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, foundations, and corporations. He coordinated global strategies and initiatives mainly around sustainable energy but also building construction, technology, health, environment, and sustainable development.

Prior to 1998, Mr. Mollet held management positions at Bekaert and Sefar corporations (respectively, Belgian and Swiss headquartered companies). He was responsible for a wide variety of markets and technologies including steel-reinforced tires, plastics, electromagnetic interference shielding, and precision filtration e.g. for medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and automotive applications.

He is a dual citizen of the United States of America and Belgium and received his electrical & electronics engineering degree from the University of Ghent, Belgium.

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Mr. Dilip Limaye
is the President of SRC Global Inc and a Senior Energy Advisor to the World Bank in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Development. Mr. Limaye is internationally recognized as a pioneer and expert in the methods, techniques, financing and implementation strategies for energy policy, energy efficiency (EE), demand-side management (DSM), renewable energy, integrated resource planning (IRP), distributed generation/combined heat and power (DG/CHP), and electricity market reforms and restructuring. He has almost 50 years' experience in projects related to clean energy deployment and financing.

Mr. Limaye has undertaken several projects for the World Bank and other international financial institutions in over 40 countries including India, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Laos, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Uganda, Rwanda, Russia, and many countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He has over 45 years of experience in international consulting and advisory services. He was a key member of the team that originally developed the concepts, methods, and techniques of demand-side management (DSM) under the sponsorship of the Electric Power Research Institute (in 1983-84) and was a co-author of the five-volume DSM Guidebook. Mr. Limaye pioneered the application of DSM and energy efficiency concepts and technique in North America and provided consulting services to over 80 U.S. (and Canadian) utilities (as well as many regulatory commissions) and over 20 international organizations on planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of energy efficiency programs.

He is also well-known as an international innovator and entrepreneur, having launched energy services companies (ESCOs) in India, Czech Republic, and Australia, and an international energy technology company that has developed a patented technology to optimize energy consumption in cooling systems. He has served as a Board Member of A-Power Energy Generation Systems (Nasdaq: APWR), the leading international alternative energy company in Asia, specializing solar PV, wind energy, cogeneration, and industrial energy efficiency. He was the Founder, principal investor, and Chairman of Photonix Solar, a company specializing in the manufacturing, financing and installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) systems.

His academic background includes I.I.T. Bombay (Valedictorian and winner of President of India Gold Medal), Cornell University (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research), University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School (International Business), Drexel University (Alternative Energy Systems), and Harvard University (Executive Program in Global Climate Change and Global Economic Development).

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Mr. Felix Gooneratne
, joined IIEC as Asia Director in January 2001 and served as CEO from October 2013 to December 2018. With more than 30 years of experience advancing energy efficiency, demand-side management (DSM), and related international clean energy efforts, Felix brings forward reaching vision to IIEC and employs his proven technical expertise to implement programs and achieve results. Felix has designed and implemented projects throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Pacific region – managing international teams to achieve significant energy savings.

Prior to joining IIEC, Felix held senior positions at PA Consulting Group, UNDP, Bechtel International, and the Australian Department of Energy. He has extensive project management experience with agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations Development Program, USAID, AusAid, and the European Commission. Felix is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy; he holds his Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom.

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Umeshwar Photo
Dr. Umeshwar Shrivastav 
has over 35 years of experience in the field of telecommunications, energy, and the environment. Before taking his retirement, Dr. Shrivastav in the capacity of Director to IEPC Ltd. played an instrumental role in the introduction of network management, fiber optics, and payphone to the Indian market. Additionally, having worked as a country representative for Australian Telecom (Telekom Australia) and German Telecom (Deutsche Telekom), Dr. Shrivastav has played the role of strategic advisor in the formulation of Country to Country MoUs between the Indian Government and the Government of Australia, and the Indian Government and Government of Germany.

Dr. Shrivastav is currently the Director of IIEC-India and providing his expert advice for conducting the business in India and other South Asian countries. Dr. Shrivastav is also the Director of the Valona Group of Companies based out of Singapore where he is responsible for state-of-art business development, technology investments, and structuring of international large deals. Dr. Shrivastav’s area of expertise in the field of energy and environment lies in the conceptualization of cross-sectoral programs and hand-holding foundations and international agencies in the implementation of national-level programs. In the field of telecommunication, he is an expert in Digital Communications including Cellular networks and International Bid Management and Investments. Dr. Shrivastav is also an advisor to numerous organizations including GIZ, NHPC, IITs. At, IIEC, Dr. Shrivastav, advises the India team on strategic partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and business development for new thematic areas.

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Sanjay Photo
Mr. Sanjay Dube
is the President and CEO of IIEC with over 33 years of experience working in clean energy, energy efficiency, air quality management, e-mobility, district cooling, climate change, and sustainability sectors. Prior to taking over as President & CEO, Mr. Dube was leading IIEC’s operations in India and South Asia. His dynamic portfolio consists of working with donors and international agencies like World Bank, ADB, UNDP, UNIDO, UNEP, GIZ, CCAC, Swiss Development & Cooperation (SDC), USAID, and DFID. Prior to joining IIEC, he worked as Chief of Party for USAID’s ‘Partnership to Advance Clean Energy – Deployment (PACE-D) Technical Assistance Project in India. The other key engagements in the past include working as Vice President for Emergent Ventures India Pvt. Ltd. (2010-2012), as Senior Program Manager with ICF International (2006-2010), as Senior Project Manager with IIEC (2001-2006). Mr. Dube has strong experience in the planning, management and implementation of large national and regional programs.

Mr. Dube has received his M. Tech. in Soil & Water Conservation Engineering from GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, India in 1988. Mr. Dube has also completed a Certificate course on ‘Energy Planning and Environment’ from the University of Oslo, Norway in 1992.

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