Our Capabilities

IIEC was founded in 1984 to dramatically increase the use of energy efficiency as an important clean energy approach in developing countries. We believe local presence is the best way to bring about results and, through our regional offices all over the world, we have been effective in bringing about progress in energy efficiency policy and implementation that has both reduced energy demand by more than 300 MW and fostered economic development in the countries we serve. IIEC works with stakeholders across all sectors to connect international best practice with the unique needs of the communities in which we operate, combining sound energy efficiency, Demand-Side Management (DSM) and renewable energy policy with hands-on implementation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage sustainable development.

Through its global network, IIEC partners with both public and private sectors, NGOs, community groups, universities and other stakeholders to develop, implement, and evaluate energy-efficiency policies, programs, and projects. The activities are often multi-disciplined in nature, requiring interactions between professionals at the federal, state, and local governments in partnership with industry.

IIEC’s activities are currently focused on Asia – mainly through its offices in India, Thailand and Philippines. The unique advantages of these country offices are demonstrated by its:

Innovativeness in implementing projects Commitment to IIEC’s global mission Strategic approach and innovation Wealth of international experience in Asia and Pacific region Commitment to high quality training and capability building Practical experience in utility sponsored Demand-Side Management and Energy Efficiency programs

IIEC works with governments and the private sector to develop, implement, and evaluate energy efficiency policies, programs, and projects. Our experience is derived from engagement in the key subjects areas needed for the implementation of energy efficiency and conservation and also in cross-cutting applications of these areas. 

Specific services provided by IIEC to its clients include:

    • End-Use Energy Efficiency
    • DSM Planning and Evaluation
    • Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling
    • Renewable Energy
    • Energy Efficiency Finance Design
    • Environmental Management
    • Water Resource Management
    • Climate Change and Energy Policy
    • Transport Planning

IIEC has built in-country capacity for addressing comprehensive and practical aspects of mainstreaming sustainable energy solutions in commercial buildings, industrial, power, water and wastewater, infrastructure, and transport sectors.