IIEC’s capability and commitment to provide sustainable energy and environmental solutions to developing countries and countries in transition, particularly in Asia, in order to support their economic growth and development.

For the past 30 years, IIEC has been providing solutions to the problems posed by the rapidly increasing energy demand in developing and industrializing countries. IIEC has established a niche -- a provider of novel solutions with the flexibility to work simultaneously with multilateral institutions, governments, academic and research organizations industry and non-government organizations.







As an organization with proven technical capabilities, IIEC designs policies, implements programs and supports institutions that mainstream energy efficiency in the entire value chain of energy systems and use. IIEC’s s approach focuses on implementation, resulting in policies developed in partnership with key policymakers and industry in our target countries as well as the bilateral and multilateral institutions that help to shape energy policy and investment priorities globally.

IIEC is a non-governmental (NGO), not-for-profit organization, which was established in 1984, to foster the implementation of energy efficiency in developing countries and countries in transition. IIEC has full-time local staff in each of its offices that are well placed to contribute to programs due to their extensive exposure to energy, transport, and environmental activities in the region and their understanding of cultural issues relevant to the countries.

The emphasis is on finding and cultivating local sustainable solutions for global energy and environmental issues.  Through practical innovation and passionate persistence, IIEC assists in the scale-up and implementation of the solutions through the establishment of sustainable institutions.


Vision and Mission Statement



Accelerate the promotion of sustainable energy and environmental programs in developing countries and countries in transition.


Mission Statement

Apply global knowledge base and experience to customize local sustainable solutions that are replicable and adaptable, to make a global mainstream impact toward sustainable development and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.



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