Reducing Losses in Power Distribution through Improved Efficiency of Distribution Transformers

Project Name

Reducing Losses in Power Distribution through Improved Efficiency of Distribution Transformers

Name of Client

APEC Secretariat



Project Location within country


Source of Financing

APEC Energy Working Group

Length of Consultancy Assignment

Start Date

October 2016

Completion Date

November 2017

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The project aims to reduce Losses in power distribution through improved efficiency of distribution transformers. The specific objectives of the project were: 1) To build the capacity of policymakers in understanding impacts of adopting IEC TS 60076-20 for their economies in terms of electricity distribution loss reductions and GHG emission reductions; and 2) To come up with key policy recommendations in consultation with key stakeholders, such as utilities, manufacturers, standard making bodies, etc. IIEC was tasked to provide: (1) an analysis of the technical of the differences and commonalities between the economy and utility standards for energy performance of distribution transformers and IEC 60076-20; and (2) an analysis of the impact of changing from the existing energy performance requirements or Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) in the selected APEC member economies to the energy performance levels as recommended by IEC 60076-20 in terms of energy savings. 

Detailed Description of Actual Service Provided by your Firm:
•   Develop a detailed methodology with the description of the tasks and outputs, with the precise schedule.
•   Collect data of energy performance standards for DTs and related S&L regime, Testing method standard, the studies for estimate energy-saving potential related to DT.
•   Analyze the differences and commodities between the national standards for the testing method and the new IEC standard, including the advantages and disadvantages of the new IEC standard versus the existing standard.
•   Analyze the impact of changing from their existing standard to the new IEC standard in terms of energy savings for each economy.
•   Prepare the final report including recommendations for policymakers to start a national process for adopting the new IEC standards.
•   Support the organization of the regional consultation workshops

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