Southeast Asia Cooling Program (2018 - On-going)

The project aims to develop a strategy to deliver maximum CO2 reductions through targeted policy and market interventions in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand that are the most likely to yield impacts and/or generate momentum for energy efficiency within the Montreal Protocol process.

IIEC will provide comprehensive advisory support to these countries by following activities to have the greatest impact on raising the EE levels of ACs.

- Evaluate the impact potential of MEPS, HEPS, and labeling
- Design recycling and disposal activities for the AC replacement programs
- Identify opportunities for financial incentives for large-scale procurement
- Impact evaluation of MEPs
- MV&E activities (compliance rates, capacity building)
- Assessment of public and private institutional capacity and market maturity for incentives
- Update MEPS and labels
- Support to Philippines Department of Energy and Department of Trade & Industry in market surveillance and verification testing activities
Regional Compliance Program
- Accreditation support
- Generating Mutual Recognition Agreements
- A regional network for compliance authorities
- Regional product database for cooling products

Funding Agency/Client: The Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP)

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