iiec name



Service Area

Demand-Side Management (DSM)

Project Title

DSM Program Evaluation




Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

Project Funding Agency

World Bank

Project Duration

Start Date

Apr 1999

Scheduled Completion

Sep 1999

Project Description and Summary of Services






The objective of this project is to conduct a process and impact evaluation of Thailand’s six-year, US$190 million demand-side management program which is the first comprehensive program implemented in Asia. The extent of the evaluation program involves determining customer attitudes and the satisfaction of manufacturers and distributors of air conditioner, refrigerator, compact fluorescent lamps, and thin tube fluorescent lamps.

Service Provided:

  • Survey of consumer end-use patterns
  • Survey of manufacturers and distributors of energy-efficient products to determine the impact of the DSM program on production and sales
  • In-person interviews with manufacturers of conditioners, refrigerators, compact fluorescent lamps, and thin-tube fluorescent lamps
  • Mail survey of 170 retailers (“green shops”) who participated in the no-interest loan program for high-efficiency air conditioners

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