Consultancy Services for DSM Activities in Chattisgarh State Electricity Board (CSEB) - India (2008)

The Chattisgarh State Electricity Board (CSEB) is an integrated electricity utility involved in generation, transmission, and distribution. It is a power surplus utility with several coal-based power plants as its asset-base. With a growing commercial sector activities in the state, CSEB will soon face challenges in meeting the demand and it is seen that institutionalization of demand-side management (DSM) is an important step forward.

With this, IIEC supported ABS Infra in the development of a DSM program within in their capacity as the prime contractor. IIEC activities in this contract included setting DSM targets and goals, defining load research activities, overseeing data generation, and analysis and design of a cost-benefit analysis parameters for the selection of short- and medium-term DSM implementation plan. IIEC also developed monitoring and verification parameters related to the short-term DSM implementation program.

Services provided: 1) Design of Load Research Activity; 2) Overseeing Energy Audits; and 3) Design of Monitoring & Verification System

Client: ABPS Infra as the lead contractor to Chattisgarh State Electricity Board

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