Design of Detailed Project Reports for Manipur and Jharkhand for implementation of RE & EE Pilots (2015)

UNDP and the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, India were assisting the states of Manipur and Jharkhand in the design of four pilot projects to undertake mitigation and adaptation activities in line with their “State Action Plan on Climate Change” or SAPCC. IIEC was engaged by UNDP for the preparation of detailed project proposals geared towards the implementation of priority strategies identified in the SAPCC.

IIEC identified key thematic areas, which covered both the mitigation and adaptation sectors. As a result, a total of four project proposals were developed: two for both states of Jharkhand and Manipur covering both adaptation and mitigation. As part of the project, IIEC was involved in engaging the state-level stakeholders, identification of innovative techniques and practices for mitigation and adaptation activities, conducting feasibility studies and technical assessments for specific pilots, build the capacity of state-level Government agencies and local communities.

Funding Agency/Client: UNDP

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