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Service Area

Energy Efficiency

Project Title

Development of a LED Street Lighting Retrofit Project for Surabaya, Indonesia: Inclusive Green Growth for EAP Cities




 World Bank

Project Funding Agency

World Bank

Project Duration

Start Date

 June 2015

Scheduled Completion

 December 2015

Project Description and Summary of Services






The World Bank is supporting a program of technical assistance with secured funding from ESMAP’s City Energy Efficiency Transformation Initiative (CEETI) to develop energy-efficient street lighting retrofit plan with LED in Surabaya on the basis of a prefeasibility study. The main purpose of the study would be to determine the viability of implementing the project as a Public-Private Partnership. As a result of the pre-feasibility study, it is anticipated that the City of Surabaya will endorse a Project Implementation Plan for implementation of the pilot LED project. Such a pilot project on a sample size of inefficient street lighting lamps will demonstrate the energy savings, emissions reduction, financial benefits and improved lighting performance that may be realized by the City Government of Surabaya (CGS) should the City pursue project retrofit. The main objective of the assignment is to design and develop a project to retrofit street lighting in Surabaya municipality for energy efficiency as a shared savings scheme in partnership with the private sector.

IIEC is tasked to:

• Conducting pre-feasibility studies to evaluate modern LED technologies and determine the viability of implementing the project as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in accordance with the scope of work;

o Assessment of Technological Options

o Development of Business Model

• Developing an implementation plan for the establishment of the street lighting retrofit as a PPP between the CGS and private sector partners; and
• Preparing a project implementation plan document for consideration by the CGS for implementation of a pilot demonstration project in the city in the next phase.

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