Commercial Energy Efficiency Pilot Project – Vietnam (2004)

This Commercial EE Pilot Project sought to test appropriate business models and mechanisms for catalyzing a small and sustainable service market that would support EE investments in Vietnam. This was achieved by supporting a small group of commercial service providers or "Project Agents" in all phases of EE project identification, development and implementation.

The overall objective of this project was to develop the capability of Project Agents (equipment manufacturers, equipment suppliers, technical service providers, financial service companies) in implementing a critical mass of pilot projects in the commercial sector to test the appropriate business models and to establish a sustainable service market for supporting EE investments in Vietnam.

Services Provided: Conduct of a training program for project developers (Project Agents), site owners (Project proponents) and Financial Institutions in all aspects of project development and financing including: 1) Energy Auditing; 2) Financial Analysis; 3) Service Contracting; 4) Monitoring and Verification; 5) Project Management; and 6) Service Marketing.

Funding Agency/Client: GEF / World Bank / Ministry of Industry

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