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Energy Efficiency

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Preparation of a Conceptual Design for a Street Lighting System - Egypt





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 Nov 2014

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 Jan 2015

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With the shortage of fuel supply and electricity cuts, the country has to look at energy efficiency and renewable energy as a solution to this situation, where concrete steps have been taken to decrease dependency on fossil fuels and focus on increasing the use of renewables among which the solar energy. In July 2012, an Egyptian Solar Plan was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, targeting the installation of about 3500 MW by 2027 (2800 MW CSP + 700 MW PV). In December 2013, the Cabinet declared a resolution to install 1000 Photovoltaic systems, PVRS, on Rooftop of Governmental buildings with a rate of nearly 30 buildings per ministry. Same resolutions to use street lighting systems coupled with photovoltaic systems may apply to street lighting systems if proved to be technically and financially feasible. The project has received a formal request from New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) to provide technical assistance for the implementation of a pilot project for LED street lighting coupled with electricity generated from photovoltaic system for a six Km desert road.

Deliverables include:

To prepare a conceptual design for the different components and assist in bidding for an efficient street lighting system powered by solar energy through the following scope of work:
• Conduct a site visit for the six km road in Egypt;
• Review available national codes and specifications for street lighting, LED lights and PV specifications, etc.;
• Review previous experiences and lessons learned from PV powered street lighting projects in Egypt;
• Prepare a conceptual design for the road to enable international companies to tender for turnkey design and implementation of the road;
• Prepare a cost estimate for the system based on similar systems in other developing countries;
• Prepare technical components of the bidding documents including assessment criteria for bidders;
• Assist in the evaluation of the tenders and rank the bidders on technical grounds.

Conceptual design for the street lighting system including the following:
• The specifications, certifications and testing requirements for the different components of the system including the PV panel, the pole, the lighting fixture, the LED lamps, the battery, the controller, the installation technique and location of the PV system, etc.; The specifications has to take into consideration the desert nature in terms of dust, sandy storms, isolated installations, difficulty in maintenance, very high temperatures and tough operation conditions, etc.;
• The layout for the system and any supporting sketches for the tendering process;
• All technical components including TOR, evaluation criteria and special conditions of the tendering documents;
• A technical assessment report for the bids.

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