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Asia Energy Efficiency Accelerator – Assessing Energy Efficiency Potential in Mongolia

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9 November 2015

Completion Date

30 September 216

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The overall objective is to strengthen the institutional capacity and access to information to facilitate
Demand Side Energy Efficiency (DSEE) investment in Mongolia.  The scope includes the assessment of the demand side energy efficiency (DSEE) potential in Mongolia, propose an appropriate business model, identify suitable technologies and develop future projects.  The project covers industrial and commercial sectors and includes capacity building of potential participating banks and other stakeholders.

Detailed Description of Actual Service Provided by your Firm:

  • Assessment of DSEE potential in Mongolia
    • Identify the key energy endues sectors that have impacts on both demand and overall energy consumption
    • Data collection and analysis to determine DSEE potential in the key sectors
  • Identification of Appropriate Business Model for DSEE Investment
    • Review business models adopted in other countries that may be appropriate for Mongolia
    • Consultations with government agencies, financial institutions, electric utility, and international donor agencies (including ADB) and identify appropriate business models for DSEE fall into the following categories – National Programs, Utility Driven Programs, and Market-Driven Programs. 
  • Identification of Suitable Technologies
    • Conduct Investment-grade energy audits in selected commercial and industrial facilities using IIEC’s own energy audit equipment.
    •  Recommend the technology options
  • Development of Investment Portfolio for DSEE for Mongolia
    • Design and develop a financing program to support the business models for DSEE implementation in Mongolia.
    •  Assess the existing financial intermediation loan schemes of other international and bilateral funders, and the barriers will be undertaken.
    • Recommend the most appropriate and effective financial mechanism within the existing legal framework of Mongolia’s financial system.
    • Develop operational guidelines for fund management
    • Design and develop capacity building program for key players