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Energy Efficiency

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Argentina Efficient Municipal Lighting Program





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Global Environment Facility

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IIEC managed the Argentina Efficient Municipal Lighting which had the following as its objectives:
1. Financial closure of energy efficient municipal lighting projects on commercial terms.
2. Development of a pipeline of energy-efficient municipal street-lighting projects.
3. Development and demonstration of innovative, replicable financial structures for energy efficient municipal lighting projects.
4. Development of a replicable, systematic methodology, and related documentation, for developing energy efficient municipal lighting projects.
5. Increased capacity of private sector energy efficiency businesses and development of an expanded commercial market in this field in Argentina.
The key to opening the Argentine energy-efficient municipal lighting market  was the  implementation  and replication of  project finance and contract structures and security mechanisms.

The Program developed projects for investment and implementation on commercial terms and cooperated with private sector businesses, including public lighting installation and maintenance contractors, energy services companies, equipment vendors and manufacturers, electric utilities and financial intermediaries, as well as with municipalities, interested government and regulatory agencies and non-governmental organizations.

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