Renewable Energy
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Service Area

Energy Efficiency; Distributed Generation & RE; Market Transformation

Project Title

GEF/UNDP/DOE Philippine Green Energy Rating Program




Department of Energy

Project Funding Agency

United Nations Development Programme

Project Duration

Start Date

May 2004

Scheduled Completion

August 2007

Project Description and Summary of Services






The Green Energy Rating Program (Green E) was designed to rate and recognize outstanding renewable energy projects implemented in the country based on objective environmental criteria. It served as a mechanism to award and provide incentives to project developers and end-users that gave significant and active participation in successful RE projects. Green-E was among the promotional programs that were developed under the Philippine Capacity Building to Remove Barriers to Renewable Energy Development (CBRED) Project.

IIEC idesigned the whole program and  conducted a pilot test of the design by end of 2004. The design included  (1) the development of the criteria, rating scheme, operating guidelines, monitoring and evaluation protocols, (2) assistance in the identification and training of the members of the Verification Committee, (3) financial plan and (4) program promotions strategy

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