Renewable Energy
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Service Area

Renewable Energy & Market Transformation

Project Title

Market Development for Solar Thermal Applications in Thailand




European Commission

Project Funding Agency

European Commission

Project Duration

Start Date

Apr 2006

Scheduled Completion

Mar 2007

Project Description and Summary of Services






To remove the informational barrier and other unidentified barriers that are hindering the development of solar thermal application in selected industrial and commercial sub-sectors in Thailand e.g. food, textile industry as well as in hospital and hotel and in central hot water systems of multi-storey buildings. In Thailand, solar thermal is typically perceived as the technology for residential applications and thus most energy policy makers, industry and end-users, particularly SMEs are not well aware of its potential. The project identifies all related technical and non-technical barriers through detailed situation analysis and develops a set of solutions, guidelines, measures, and recommendations.


Services Provided:

- Industry and commercial sub-sector review
- Supply chain analysis
- Policy review
- Market survey and site visits
- Conduct of training workshop

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