Rural Electrification
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Service Area

Rural Electrification; Renewable Energy

Project Title

Comparative Assessment of Existing Renewable Energy Based and Biofuel Based Electrification Options




GAPfund/ Winrock

Project Funding Agency

The World Bank/ ESMAP

Project Duration

Start Date

Sep 2006

Scheduled Completion

Aug 2007

Project Description and Summary of Services






The project conducts an assessment of the technical, economic, and financial status of selected renewable energy-based rural electrification projects utilizing different technologies such as solar PV, micro hydro, and biomass gasification in Cambodia. The project then performs comparative analysis of these existing RE projects with bio-diesel (e.g. coconut oil and jatropha curcas oil) substitution in diesel generators to substantiate the possibility of integrating the bio-diesel option into the rural electrification industry. With this project, bio-diesel is seen to be the new fuel of choice for small diesel generator sets which are widely used in Rural Electricity Enterprises (REE) and battery charging stations.


Services Provided:

- Technical evaluation of existing RE-based projects
- Economic and financial analysis of electrification options
- Bio-diesel engineering studies
- Fuel analysis
- Knowledge management and information dissemination
- Pilot demonstration of bio-diesel option

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