Renewable Best Practices in Developing Countries

IIEC initiated this project on international “Best Practices” (and worst practices) in the areas of policy, programs and institutional development as part of the North-South dialogue. The goal was to create a framework for a debate about the necessary and sufficient conditions for increasing the market share of renewable and efficiency (R&E) technologies.

The study evaluated the best practices in the areas of policies, programs, institutional development in both developing and developed economies to ascertain whether there were lessons to be learned from both successes and failures. The study looked at a sample of the best practices in a variety of countries, such as Brazil, India, the Philippines, South Africa and Thailand. It evaluated individual policies, programs and institutions as well as instances where they were best integrated for a successful transition to greater RE use. It also focused on several thematic tracks: policy frameworks, technical integration (e.g., hybrid systems), institutional development (including finance), and program designs. Finally there was a review of those nations where the integration of multiple approaches resulted in the most sustainable market penetration of RE systems.


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