Renewable Energy Promotion and Awareness - Cambodia (2008 - 2012)

The main objective of the Renewable Energy Promotion and Awareness Project is to raise the awareness of Renewable Energy among key stakeholders in Cambodia’s renewable rural electrification industry to the level required for the REF to be effective, and thus to stimulate new investments in renewable rural electrification in Cambodia. The Project aims to assess the level of awareness and technical capacity among REF stakeholders and to design and implement activities to This technical assistance will assist and facilitate the promotion of renewable energy-based rural electrification projects for potential funding by the REF. The Project consists of 2 main tasks as follows: Task 1: Assessment of Awareness of Renewable Energy. Assess and analyze the awareness of Renewable Energy (RE) in the public and private sectors, educational programs, and existing NGO programs; Task 2: Develop and Implement Promotional Programs and Activities. Define methodologies and programs/activities to raise awareness and educate REF’s stakeholders and the public at large.