Clean Energy Access Program (2018)

IIEC implemented an on-ground program for improved health services for socio-economic development in selected villages in Uttarakhand. The focus was on providing solar electricity to Primary Health Clinics so that they are able to function more effectively and provide better care facilities for the local communities. The availability of 24x7 electricity in the Primary Health Clinics also ensured the availability of resources to store necessary and life-saving medicines that were missing earlier. Through this initiative, IIEC has been able to mobilise the support of local communities and doctors and help build a sense of ownership amongst the villagers for this project. The local villagers and doctors in charge were trained for the day-to-day maintenance of the lighting system. Along with this, the project and equipment were officially transferred to the Gram Panchayats and the doctors-in-charge, again an example of building a sense of ownership for the local community.

The program has been able to impact more than 500 households for a better quality of life.

IIEC was tasked to 1) Program designing and implementation of solar lighting project for primary health centers in Uttarakhand; 2) Selection of districts, blocks, and villages for implementation of the project; 3) Profiling of the villages and primary health centers to facilitate effective design and implementation of the project; 4) Selection of solar lighting system solution vendor; 5) Implementation of the project with support from solar lighting solution providers; 6) Designing and use of monitoring and verification protocol for the project to measure the impact; 7) Organizing Training and Orientation program for day to day maintenance of the solar lighting system for the doctors, ward boys, and village Gram Sabha representatives; and 8) Preparation of case study for sharing with the outside world and for reporting.

Funding Agency/Client: Syneos Health

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