Climate Proofing of Watersheds and Spring Sheds to Improve Community Resilience in West Bengal (2017 - 2018)

IIEC has been engaged by OPM for designing a program for the West Bengal Government to ensure that adaptation is supporting the effective implementation of development programs. The overall goal of this program is “to improve climate resilience and build adaptive capacities of the communities to climate change in spring shed and watershed areas of West Bengal”. The program will help in improving climate resilience through the promotion of climate-resilient infrastructure and climate-resilient agriculture in spring shed and watershed areas of the P&RD Department. To Build the capacity of the P&RD Department in using the scientific data for effective implementation of ongoing and future spring shed and watershed development programs. To improve the capacity of state through the integration of risk mitigation tools for weather advisory and early warning information systems. The program will create a knowledge management system on climate change adaptation in spring shed and watershed areas of the state. IIEC has been engaged to write the proposal for the current programme for funding under the National Adaptation Fund (NAF) for the Government of West Bengal.

IIEC was tasked to 1) In consultation with the Department of Environment (DoE), Govt. of West Bengal shortlist not more than 5 actions for the preparation of concept note for submission to NAF; 2) Preparation of a project concept note for submission to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) in the NAF format as per the latest guidelines available for NAF; 3) Undertake stakeholder consultations with the stakeholders affected by the project at the selected project location. This also included the relevant line departments (other than DoE), the actual implementers (or proposed implementers) on the ground, the intended beneficiaries, any NGOs as relevant; 4) Preparation of a presentation of the project concept for the MoEFCC; 5) Provide assistance to DoE in presenting the Project Concept to the MoEFCC; and 6) Finalize the detailed project report based on the concept note submitted earlier.

Funding Agency/Client: Oxford Policy Management Limited

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