Philippine Green Buildings/Resorts Project (2000 - 2004)

The Green Buildings Program in the Philippines was intended to establish energy efficiency awareness in the buildings sector. Its goal was to convince building owners to invest in sustainable energy technologies in order to save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This was accomplished by helping the commercial and industrial buildings sector, one of the most energy-intensive sectors in the Philippine economy, to improve energy use in their facilities.

The Green Buildings Program successfully instigated and established a foothold for energy efficiency in the Philippine buildings sector. In the 18-month initial phase alone, a total of twelve organizations, consisting of commercial, industrial, and even government and private institutions implemented energy efficiency measures in their facilities. The estimated energy savings from the completed projects were about 2000 MWh/yr and carbon dioxide reduction of approximately 11,870 tonnes, assuming a project life of 10 years. Additionally, the inclusion of energy efficiency itself in the priority list of buildings design and operations in the Philippine buildings sector was a significant accomplishment of the Green Buildings Program. Building owners realized that energy efficiency was a win-win solution that would not only reduce their energy consumption but also prolong the service life of their equipment, facilities, and/or buildings and boost their corporate image as environment-friendly companies. Funding Agency/Client: US Agency for International Development

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