Sustainable Urban Development
iiec name

Project Name

Accelerating construction of energy-efficient green housing units in Thailand

Name of Client

UN Environment



Project Location within country


Source of Financing

UN Environment

Length of Consultancy Assignment

Start Date

23 October 2019

Completion Date


Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The main objective of the project is to prepare a CEO endorsement request documents, in line with the approved PIF and the latest UNEP and GEF guidelines and templates.

Detailed Description of Actual Service Provided by your Firm:

  • Work closely with the national consultants and other experts in seeking inputs necessary for preparing the GEF CEO Endorsement document.
  • Develop the Alternative Scenario (Sec 1b-3) based on the inputs prepared by the above-mentioned expert institutions and consultants.
  • Identify potential co-financing contributions and undertake discussions to seek collaboration and co-financing letters from partners.
  • Prepare a final draft of the full GCED and annexes under the guidance of UN Environment as per the detailed annotated templates included in Annex I for submission to internal UN Environment review processes (including the Project Review Committee – PRC) and post-approval by PRC to the GEF Secretariat;
  • Review all PRC / GEF Sec comments on the CEO Endorsement Document, propose responses and ensure review sheets are developed timely and with high quality.
  • Participate in the stakeholder workshops.