Renewable Energy Technology Development and Applications Project (RETDAP) - Maldives (2006 - 2007)

RETDAP is a project funded by UNDP-GEF and implemented by the Government of Maldives through the Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Water. The project aims to remove the barriers that impede the development and application of RE-based systems in the Maldives. To achieve this, RETDAP has several program components addressing major-specific policy, institutional, information, financing, and technical barriers.

IIEC’s assignment is to design and conduct three (3) training courses on the financing of renewable energy (RE) projects and RE-based livelihood projects. Tailored training courses were designed for government financial institutions, private commercial banks, and private entrepreneurs. The training courses are designed to prepare them to access the Fund for Renewable Energy System Applications, a fund which operating guidelines are also developed by IIEC. The assignment includes a pilot-testing where IIEC conducts financial analysis and proposes an appropriate financing package for two RE projects. Services provided: 1) Training design, development, and delivery; 2) Fund design and establishment; 3) Feasibility study; and 4) Project financial structuring. Funding Agency/Client: United Nations Development Programme, Global Environment Facility / Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Water.