Institutional Strengthening of National Energy Management Committee in Energy Policy and Planning – 13 Energy Audit Training Program (2016)

The project aims to conduct energy auditing and a comprehensive training program covering the whole energy project development cycle during the second half of 2016, including classroom training, field visits (or on-the-job training), and assignments during/after the field visits, and one advance training module on Investment Grade Audit (IGA).

Activities included: Provide energy audit training program, which was conducted as a series of training workshops. The four (4) training modules were packed into two (2) training workshops and describe below.

Module 1: Walk-Through Energy Audit
Module 2: Technical and Financial Evaluation
• Training needs assessment & site selection
• Site data collection and analysis
• Preparation of Training Materials
• Conduct of training program
Module 3: Contracting, Project management, and Measurement & Verification of Energy Efficiency Projects
Module 4: Detailed energy Audit
• On-site monitoring and analysis
• Preparation of training materials
• Conduct of training program.

Funding Agency/Client: ADB.

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