Energy Efficient Lighting and Pumping: Implementation and Financing Solutions (2014)

The project is part of the partnership between the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) with funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and co-funding from the governments of Japan, the Republic of Korea, Denmark, and Finland, and VITO-Flemish Institute for Technological Research NV, to pilot a climate technology finance center in Manila, managed by ADB, and a climate technology network secretariat in Bangkok, managed by UNEP. These pilot institutions directly address key barriers to climate technology transfer and deployment in Asia and the Pacific.

The objective is to be pursued through the development of Implementation Manuals/toolkits to support the preparation and implementation of street lighting, domestic lighting, and agriculture pumping related projects in developing countries, using performance contracting and other public-private partnerships –based delivery approaches which would include policy interventions and financing tools. This will be useful for assessing options and drafting practical solutions for scaling up implementation. The toolkits are expected to support stakeholders including industry players (equipment suppliers and energy service providers), electricity utilities, regulators, financing institutions, and policymakers in the design and implementation of effective solutions for street lighting, residential lighting, and agriculture pumping technologies. The models developed would be targeting developing economies and specifically targeted the south and southeast Asian countries. The targeted technologies are LED lighting for households. High-efficiency LED lamp modules for street lighting and high-efficiency irrigation water pumps for the agricultural sector.

IIEC is tasked to develop financing and policy models to facilitate wider dissemination and large-scale adoption of energy-efficient technologies in the residential lighting, commercial/street lighting, and agriculture water pumping sectors. The three areas covered under the project include (1) Energy Efficient Street Lighting; (2) Energy Efficient Residential Lighting; and (3) Energy Efficient Agricultural Pump. Scope of services include: 1) Organize a project kick-off meeting to discuss all issues related to the preparation of the manual/models and prepare a detailed work plan; 2) Data collection and review to develop the manuals /models; 3) Design and development of the three distinct implementation Manual Outlines for (a) Energy Efficient Street Lighting; (b) Energy Efficient Residential Lighting; and (c) Energy Efficient Agricultural Pump, and; 4) Preparation of the Implementation Manuals. Funding Agency: UNEP.

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