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Boilers and Fans (Motors) Standards and Labeling Program for Punjab Pakistan

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Project Location within country


Source of Financing

World Bank

Length of Consultancy Assignment

Start Date

February 2016

Completion Date

March 2018

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
This project is to address key issues that affect the design of S&L programs, as well as the effectiveness of institutions in implementing them.  The activities include: (1) Market Analysis, Stakeholder Consultation on Energy Policy and Program Design; (2) Market Preparedness and Industry Awareness Raising; (3) Drafting of Regulations and Standards; (4) Labeling, Awards, and Incentives; and (5) Implementation Support.

Detailed Description of Actual Service Provided by your Firm:
IIEC is tasked to provide overall guidance, supervision, and implementation support on all tasks and subtasks of the project. IIEC is responsible to:

  • Review all relevant Pakistani energy legislation, all publicly available reports, data, and information on those two products that are relevant to the formulation of an S&L program for these products to solicit key data and recommendations;
  • Review and evaluate all past and current national-provincial S&L initiatives;
  • Conduct stakeholder meetings;
  • Assess the overall organizational structure, capacity, and funding resources of each institutions to determine overall readiness and ability to implement S&L program that is developed as part of this project;
  • Develop a methodology for the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) based on international best practices;
  • Provide oversight to the market preparedness and industry awareness-raising tasks;
  • Provide guidance to model various policy options, including potential energy and cost savings for each scenario; (8) Develop specifications for the Awards program;
  • Provide support the development of financial incentive programs for boilers and fans; and
  • Provide ongoing legal, technical, communications and programmatic support to various stakeholders