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The  objectives of this project were: (1)  to establish a web-based tradeshow for businesses that offer energy efficiency technologies, products and services to customers and  (2) to create an information/knowledge library containing energy efficiency technologies for processes, energy efficiency products and services and successful energy-efficiency investment case studies.
The information/knowledge library would be searchable by web-based search engine through the web-based tradeshow. Visitors could  freely search, inquire and discuss their requirement with particular suppliers and experts. They could get information on how to  reduce energy consumption in their factory, which technologies to focus on as they develop the project concept, and how well these technologies would work for them.

Various publications and reports available at IIEC provided information on relevant technologies and supporting case studies.  These served as  the primary information source for the  virtual trade show prior to the transformation of all information  into a concise user-friendly format  accessible through the web.

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