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Urban Development forum 2008 is complete with excellent case studies and panel discussion from leading industry players that will showcase their experience and expertise on dealing with some of the challenges of urban development in India. Delegates will gain first-hand information on holistic approach towards urban development challenges and future direction of sustaining development. The highly interactive 2-day conference will offer excellent networking opportunities to delegates.

In recent years cities have emerged as the backbone of economies all over the world, with their higher contributions to overall employment and growth. There are many factors that determine urban competitiveness, both at the national and the international levels. As in most countries, India’s urban area makes a major contribution to the country’s economy. The challenges of reorienting the urbanisation process, thus lies in overcoming the infrastructural deficiencies while gaining economy momentum.

This two-day conference is designed to provide delegates a platform in gaining knowledge in order to meet today’s challenges of creating sustainable development. Last but not least, this conference will offer delegates excellent networking opportunities. Participants of this event will gain useful information that will clear many doubts on the urban development in the Indian market.

Key Topics

  • Reviewing urban transport in the 21st Century – Challenges and integrated mobility concepts
  • Analysing urban densities, housing and community formation
  • Recognising the phenomenon of urban sprawl and city growth
  • Emerging concept in India: Urban millennium
  • Measuring the intervention of private participation in urban development

Key Features

  • Identifying evolving framework in planning and operational practices
  • Exchanging views and ideas on institutional collaboration, community participation and synergistic public private partnership
  • Discussing latest trends of urbanisation in India with the special emphasis on post-independence urbanisation
  • Determining the common denominator in urban planning with a special eye on environment

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Contact Name: Sagar Mushrif
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