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IIEC will be implementing three energy efficiency projects in the Cook Islands under the Promoting Energy Efficiency in The Pacific: Phase 2 (PEEP2) funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The IIEC is the PEEP2 Technical Assistance Consultant and is tasked in improving efficiency in the use of electrical power for consumers in the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu - through demand-side energy efficiency improvements in the residential, commercial, and government sectors of each country.

Two energy efficiency projects comprise of the supply and installation of solar LED lighting for the International Airport Car Park and in the Punanga Nui Market in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Airport Car Park in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

The third project comprises of a fridge/freezer replacement program (FFRP) at national level, with the objective of replacing old inefficient fridge/freezers with high efficient fridge/freezers. Under the FFRP, retailers will offer an attractive rebate at the moment of purchase (NZ$200 – NZ$500) depending on fridge/freezer volume. The retailer will then be reimbursed for the rebates on a monthly basis.

IIEC estimates that the Airport Car Park project will provide cost savings of US$4,900/year and CO2 savings of 6.7 tons of CO2/year. The Punanga Nui Market project will provide identical savings. For the FFRP, IIEC estimates average cost savings of US$188/year/consumer. Assuming the replacement of 300 inefficient fridge/freezers, the FFRP would provide approximately 83,280 kWh/year in electricity savings and a CO2 abatement of 66.4 tons of CO2/year. In addition, the FFRP will enable considerable cost savings to householders resulting in higher disposal income.

These three projects are the first of several energy efficiency projects being prepared and implemented under PEEP2 in the five Pacific island countries. 

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