Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology

Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology

At a Glance:

This century has reached a critical juncture in energy use and climate change. As the planet’s average temperature rises, the frequency and scale of extreme weather events increases, and non-renewable resources become increasingly scarce, the importance of changing international energy trends has never been so clear. IIEC is committed to bringing about major change in the types and sources of energy we use. Renewable Energy (RE) provides an opportunity to deliver clean energy at a low cost, while reducing the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs). IIEC has a long history of success and demonstrated expertise in implementing RE projects, and bringing these resources to scale.

Our Experience:

RE applications in developing countries are mainly off-grid or rural electrification. IIEC has implemented projects on solar photovoltaic, biomass and biodiesel for power production in Cambodia, India and the Philippines. Thermal power from renewable sources can often be cost competitive with fossil fuel in industrial process. We have been helping to guide the industrial transition to solar thermal and biogas from industrial waste in food and beverage industry in India and Thailand. Our expertise ranges from policy planning, project feasibility study, technical and financial assessment, to innovative financing schemes for RE projects. Read more...

The Challenge:

The complex issues facing our global energy landscape require dynamic solutions. Although recent decades have seen major advances in research and development in the field of clean and Renewable Energy (RE), we are now faced with the challenge of integrating and mainstreaming these opportunities into the international market. Lack of funding to develop enabling policies, raise awareness and address knowledge gaps creates barriers to RE project implementation in developing countries. With knowledge and experience in mapping RE projects, policies and funding mechanisms, IIEC is at the forefront of helping create a sustainable energy future.

IIEC’s experience in this key activity, categorized by country is listed below:

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